Eyanis Laran Edit

Eyanis Laran is a rather shy Blood Knight with a rarely heard but light voice. She usually spends her time reading, with a list of more books to read beside her. She is always trying her best to stay away from other people, but when in combat, she is fierce and fights with aggression. She is also known to write when on missions.

Appearance ((Picture subjugated to Change.))

Eyanis Lanas

Skin: Eyanis Laran's skin is a pale peach color with a silky smooth feeling. There are no pronounced scars or blemishes and her skin glows with Holy Light.

Armor: Eyanis is always seen wearing silver armor with gold lines. with her, it always glows and it has little to no scratches.

Weapon: with her she holds a Quad-Bladed Mace with Silvermoons symbol. it glows the brightest between her armor and her.