Ferishyn Braddock
Placeholder person
Important Information
Race Forsaken
Faction Horde
Class Mage
Household N/A
Residence Hilsbrad
Family Xeleana, Xander
Friends Conleth, Mattiest
Profession Herbalism
Profession Alchemy
Profession Cooking
Profession Firstaid


Ferishyn, or Felrehn before he died, was a young guy from Gilneas. He was taught magic starting at a very young age by his father, and on the side studied botany with his mother. He had a brother named Xander who took a different route. Not learning magic and instead went a more weapons based route.

He was only 4 when the Gilnean wall was built. Too young to have remembered anything from the outside world aside from what he was told as he grew up. While he was curious. He never dwelled on what could be out there. He was content with his life at home. Feri wasn't ever really the social type, Preferring the company of a notebook and a long walk in the woods over hanging out with friends. 

Just like the rest of Gilneas, the Worgen attack was disastrous for him. During the initial outbreak, he got separated from his family in the panic. Living away from the actual city had its advantages. But that would of only been useful had he been home when hell broke loose.

At this point of time Feri could protect himself decently with his knowledge of magic. However that would only help for so long. His death was quick but far from painless. A slash of claws to the throat from a Worgen is never a pleasant experience.

Luckily (if you could call it that) His body was found and revived by Sylvanas’ Valkyr shortly after. Only having about a day to rot, he had at least the advantage of being slightly better preserved than others.

Fast Forward three years later, Ferishyn is a (low) ranking member of the Royal Apothecary Society. While he hates this ‘job’ he has little choice in the matter. Simply doing as he’s told with little fuss until he can muster up the courage to flee.