Sellanda Brightdawn
Important Information
Race Bloodelf
Faction Horde
Class Priest
Household None
Residence Silvermoon City
Family None
Friends Balanar, Ebontalon, Vallinara, Athrael, Lilium.
Profession Enchanting
Profession Tailoring
Profession Cooking
Profession First aid

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Born an Orphan as parents died in the Second Orc War. Raised at the Silvermoon orphanage where she made many close friends.

Adolescence Edit

As she grew older her affinity for holy magic began to show as the Alliance needed more healers and were looking for new recruits. Sellanda was forced into the Priesthood and hated it at first, but once she realised she could help heal others to stop parentless children from being born her determination and dedication quickly saw her finish her Priest training faster then most. She was dubbed the last name of 'Brightdawn' a symbol of her affinity with holy magics.

Early Adulthood Edit