i WILL DO THESE IN MORE Detail later

Balanar Eldaris Riverwwind.

REcent history, (Due to the massive amount of history for his age i am keeping i short.)

REcently Balanar has become engaged to Eyanis Laran. Eyanis is very timid which is something Bal is not used to but he does not care. Ronae has got him worried.

Ronae Elanora Riverwind- Balanar's daughter and a DArk ranger. She Is seductive and slightly possesive. only one man has escaped her and he was Ebontalon Emberbow.

Athandus belore Riverwind- Found in a Alternate Reality this man is the offspring of That realities Ronae Elanora Riverwind and Athus Hammington. He is a Half elf yet he looks more High elven then Human. His ears are slightly longer then most half Elves. HE is very well built from the Horrifing battles in his reality. He is not even twenty years of age. His hair is Blood Red a trait that is found in all Riverwind males. Having lost his mother and father to the Fall of quel'thalas He has been alone since he was twelve. He was picked you by a Paladin who trained him in the Light.