Lady-Ranger Vallinara Emberbow
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Important Information
Race Sin'Dorei
Faction Horde
Class Hunter
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Family Ebontalon Emberbow, Zalesong Dawnstrike, Kirtsy Dzur
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Profession Alchemy
Profession Herbolism
Profession First Aid
Profession Cooking
It was when the Inner Wall fell in Qual'thalas that Vallinara found herself being transported to the city of South Shore in the Hillsbrad Foothills, in the middle of the night by close friends of her parents. Soon after, she discovered that the fall of the Inner wall lead to her parents death, and their final wish was for their daughter to be safe from the harm of War. Before long, the Rangers that were sent with her and the other children were sent off to war. Before long the children left too and she was left alone in South Shore. 

Now that South Shore lies in ruins and overrun by Dark Rangers, Vallinara has decided to return to Qual'thalas-only to discover that her former home has been overrun with Amani trolls and Forsaken. 

Hoping for her revenge, she has sworn allegiance with Lor'themar Theron and the Rangers of Farstrider Retreat and Silvermoon City, and has decided to begin her delayed training as a Ranger. She has also taken up Basic First Aid, since she did not take up her mother's talent in magical healing. She is often seen learning new forms of healing at First Aid Training locations.

Daughter of former high ranking Ranger of Qual'thas and a woman from an old line of Qual'dorei nobility, Vallinara isn't your typical Lady. She's kind, thoughtful and (com)passionate--but when provoked, she can certainly speak her mind. 

She also speaks the Common tongue and Darnassian (from her time in South Shore), to make it easier on those who do not know Thalassian or Orcish, or just simply do not side with the Horde at all.

As she grew into the ranks of House Firesong, Vallinara has recieved the titles of Vanguard all the way up to Ranger-Leuitenant. For her courage in the protection of Lady Valeria Morningray during the Takeback of certain land plots of the Morningray Estates, she was awarded the Qual'das, The High Star award. In addition to the award, she also was raised to Captain of Lady Morningray's personal security. Shortly after, she left the House to work as a free agent until she could settle down again.

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age currently 53
Status Nobility
Physical attributes
Height Average
Weight Average
Now she has taken up her mother's House banner and created the House Emberbow-where she is to inherit all that should have went to her mother. And with it, she is now married to a wonderful fellow Ranger by the name of Ebontalon.

Together, they (and Vallinara's cousin, Kirtsy Dzur) lead the House Emberbow.